The bounty that goodness brings, I am blessed

April 7, 2009

Emak was furious.Who wouldn’t?  The TNB guy was at her door step, with a mission to disconnect the electricity supply. No let up this time, but still I tried to reason out.

I was at the receiving end. I was lost for words. THe Maybank officer who registered the auto debit had assured me that the banking arrangement was already  in the system. But emak would not be able to understand. Azi, poor azi became her punching bag for her barrage of verbal assault and punches.

Another call, it was done!! She would miss her favourite sitcom and that got her boiling.

aright, aright, aright she cynically mocked my anglophile expression in javglish, “alright” in javanese twang.

I kept my cool, as always. kool as a cat would be!!! I lived up to being the  topcat.

The day turned out blessed.

A minute later, adin called.

” What do I do with the money?”

“What money?”

” Sale of sawit!”

” OOOh, how wonderful, grace be to God!”

That was not the end. One young ram, one ton of napier, one ton of feed brought in handsome rewards….

Asit turned out, TNB was right, Maybank did a screw up. She could get a heart attack!!! Poor me, but I did not complain.


wooiitttt…..kali ni aku tak setuju dengan isham rais tukar tiub tentang PPSMI @ ETEMS

March 9, 2009

Eden pro PPSMI!!!

Kah, kah kah, kah…bang long,  anak-anak eden Adam, Safia, Aiman dan Nadia yang kononnya jadi mangsa PPMSI nak berdemonstrasi. Adam darjah 3, safia darjah 6, aiman Tingkatan 1 dan Nadia tingkatan 2.

Depa gila ke?  tanya mereka. Kami tak ada masalah dengan Bahasa Melayu dan kami tidak ada masalah dengan Bahasa Inggeris untuk Sains dan Matemetik.

Kenapakah  kami tidak ditanya? Yang menyibuk atuk-atuk janggut, entah ada anak  bersekolah lagi entah tidak.

Sayang semua, yang bermasaalah ni bukanya anak murid.  Yang bermasaalah ialah cikgu yang malas, yang jadi cikgu kerana nak balik cepat dan cuti panjang tapi gaji jalan.

Tuk tuk jangut ni pulak? tuk tuk janggut ni seniman, sayang.

Tok,tok janggut ni  belajar ke matematik dan sains?

Sudah tentu. Mereka belajar ilmu hisab, kaji hayat, aljabar.

Apa tu bah? Pergi rujuk wiki

Mereka masuk universiti belajar kesusasteraan, pengajian islam, sejarah. Mereka konon pandai berdebat dan cabar mencabar, aljabar entah kemana.  Tak jadi engineer dan saintis. Sekarang mereka dah pencen.  Mereka semua dah pencen, makan  duit pencen, suka  tiup seruling bambu macam cerita Pied Piper of Hamelin. Kesian tikus -tikus.

Apa tu pencen bah? alamak ni dah keluar topik! lain kali kita bincang tentang pencen, biar abah sambung tulis tentang PPSMI.

Tuk tuk jangut yang hantar memo ni, dah diberi peluang jadi Pejuang Bahasa jadi  Ketua Pengarah Dewan Bahasa dan macam-macam. Kenapa DBP kat takuk tu je? nak jadi pencetak dan penerbit buku pun tak bolih bersaing ini kan pula nak jadi pejuang bangsa. Dulu masa MahaF…… buat perubahan tak ada seekor pun berdecit nak buat demo…. cit,cit, cit

Benarkan lah kami engineer dan saintis pula nak perjuangkan bangsa dan bahasa melayu.

Mana professor Kang kong, universiti sintok, ( meminjam istilah bro isham) yang dulu pejuang bahasa, pentolan DBP? . Sekarang ni siapa yang setuju dengan PPSMI  jadi professor kang kong  lahye. Prof kangkung ORI dah naik pangkat jadi prof lalang.

Bukannya tidak diusaha, tapi ahli bahasa yang tak terikut dan tak tersaing dengan ledakan ilmu. Eden dah jadi ahli Jawatankuasa Istilah DBP. Eden dah mengajar kat Universiti. Eden dah lihat anak-anak Melayu tidak bolih bersaing di Universiti kerana lemahnya Bahasa Inggeris mereka, walaupun kuliah dibuat dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Jangan risau, tuk,tuk janggut. Pembelajaran dan pengajaran Kesusasteraan Melayu akan tetap dibuat dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Eden engineer, bagi can lah kat eden menentukan Bahasa apa eden nak guna.

Didalam kejuruteraan Mekanikal, perkembangan bahasa tidaklah berlaku secepat istilah Teknologi maklumat dan elektronik. Tapi ia cukup nak peningkan kepala. Kadang-kadang macam baca buku lucah kalau baca alihbahasa Buku Panduan komputer. Itu pun  kalaulah ada buku panduan sedemekian dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Plug the joystick to the server. The server and the joystick have been programmed for Plug and Play (Rujuk *) . Cubalah alihkan bahasa.

Ini pula contoh dalam kejuruteraan mekanikal menerangkan mesen CNC.

The gear stick when in idling mode  will vibrate. Engage the gear to forward position. The Built in intelligent Control, plug and play  system will start the lateral and longitudinal movement in all axes.   Engage in the Reverse position, and the system will vibrate violently.

Batang giar bila dalam keadaan melahu akan bergetar. Masukan keposisi depan. Sistem pintar cocok dan main  akan memulakan pergerakan mendatar dan mengufuk, malahan bolih  bergerak dalam pelbagai paksi. Masuk ke posisi belakang, maka sistem akan bergetar dengan ganas.

Sabarlah. Bila engineer dan saintis  dah banyak duit mereka tak kan lupa tengok konsert M Nasir, dengar puisi, sayang papa rock, tonton Tiara, malahan nak lihat pied Piper dengan tikus tikus Hamaelin  didalam Bahasa Melayu di Amsterdam pun boleh. Boleh makan keju. kan, kan, kan…..makan singkong kat amsterdam pun boleh.

(Rujuk*) Ada satu tulisan menarik dari rakan blogger engineer

The Year that was

January 2, 2009

What a wonderful and challenging year it was. It was a year of travel, physical and spiritual. In business it was a year of transformation and dogged determination. Grateful I am to the Almighty, that the family was a source of joy and strength.

The eshams, I meant ALL eshams spent the year in the home country. They did their travels but mostly for short stints. Almost all celebrations were fully attended. The younger ones had this wonderful privileges of being pampered and bullied by the big sisters and the big brother. The older ones in return had the joy of becoming responsible big brother and big sisters. They had been wonderful.

We had two new members of the family. Georgia Chapman was with us to be part of the family. Aiman in return, became the little ambassador to the Chapmans in Melbourne. What a wonderful job these two eleven year olds have done to strengthen and cement the ties and relationship between people of two far away lands. They put many elders and politicians to shame.

We adopted coco but not for long. He could not get along with the boys. Combined that with the heaps of poos, I had to clear, cut short the good intent. The children still missed him.

My frequent flyer was upgraded. I went to places I have never been. Yangoon was exotic. I rediscoverd ole amsterdam enroute to Munich. I had a taste of real Arabian hospitality. I did the journey to see His signs. I was the dew that managed to become part of the brook.

I had to travel to ole England three times in a year, to salvage a ground zero situation. in the end, It was relationship and trust that saved the day.

At work, relationships were put to the most severe of tests. My transformation agenda, many thought was impossible. They forgot that the tiger has been polite and kind. He may be wounded but he is still the king of the jungle. There were many I trusted that abandoned ship but I took it in my stride. The skipper may be wetting the pants, but no he will not let go the wheels to steer the fleet off the fierce tempest.

I learned something. Talents are every where. Reach out and leave the Zone.

There were those who were not honest and trustworthy. To all these people, thank you for leaving. To those who were genuinely affected and could not wither the storm., I thank you and I am sorry. To those who stayed back to become my deck hands I am grateful and will not forget you.

One after another the ship set sail, its sails raised in full glory. To the young skippers this is your day. Leave the comfort of the anchorage and discover the new world. Bring back the bounty.

It was again a double new year. On the day of Higra, my brother and I finally settled the unsettling issues of our inheritance. Mother must be pleased and relieved. I thank you almighty God.

Sek Kebangsaan or Chinese School – Excellent Standard of English @ Taman Megah

December 23, 2008

The ongoing debate whether to continue with English for Mathematics and Science has been nerve wrecking. The flipflops have been very frustrating.

What if the Government decides to accede to the insecure Chinese and Malay nationalists or chauvinist demands. It has been reassuring, that Taman Megah will fight for the continued teaching of Mathematics and Science in English.

The standard of English in Taman Megah has been outstanding. Given that this is an affluent neighborhood, but credit must be given to the school for creating an environment for the development and acquisition of the language.

My 8 year old is a perfect example. On completion of his kindergarten I raise my concern on his ablity to speak English. Now after two years at Taman Megah, his command of English has been miraculous.

This is achieved not at the expense of the mother tounge and the national language. I am pushing them to acquire the third language.

If you are a parent contemplating for the choice of school, my vote goes to Sekolah Taman Megah. Well done hishamudin, the Minister and the principal of Taman Megah and the teachers for making SK Taman Megah special.

Three done, Five more to go ( Anem has done it!!!)

December 12, 2008

The Eshams had a whale of a time. We were celebrating boting’s graduation. Everyone was dressed up. Little adam looked very handsome with his bow tie. I am very formal he said. He behaved like a perfect gentleman.

He was also showing off his newly acquired etiquette and his table manners, how to properly have your soup.

The Cuban duet entertained us. Big brother was showing off his Spanish. Everyone danced except big brother.

The guest of honour came complete with the mortar board.

We adjourned to the lobby having expressos, affagattos and cream brule. The girls were singing the night away.

You have to work hard guys in order to have a taste of the good life. It is also time guys to show your gratitude to Him. How do you show gratitude to Him? also remember that there are also simple things in life that do not cost anything.

It was past two by the time we got home.

Congratulations Anem!!

Adam’s Birthday

December 10, 2008

I wish tomorrow is still the 8th of December. The birthday boy refused to let go the joy of birthday.

He has been  doing the preparation for the 8th of December since 6 month ago. As far as he is concerned,  8/12 is a magical day, when  all his wishes are  going to come true.

He received his first invite to a birthday party from xxx. How grateful he was. The mother had to drive him from one Mc Donald to another in search for the venue.

His second invite was to the Sec 14 Mc Donald. When we arrived it was devoid of any party. We were one day ahead of schedule. So he was determined to return the gesture by sending invitations two weeks before the school holidays.

He received a present and a birthday card from Georgia and the Chapmans in Melbourne, supposed to be opened on his birthday. Alas the celebration started the moment he recieved the present.
Not to dissappoint him, everyone in the family gathered at Burger King to don the party hats to sing Happy Birthday to him. None of his friend turned up, understandably so, but we had a good time.

He received two remote controllers, to replace the one he broke in his tantrum. That saved him the RM 50 fine he has agreed to withdraw from his bank account.

Georgie called from Melbourne to wish him Happy Birthday. The Big sister called from Jakarta.

The Feast of Eidul Adha was also on the 8th. So it was a day long feasting.

We did our James Bond family ritual. The Quantum of Solace, all 11 of us minus the Big sister. After the movie, we had tosai and roticanai at Makbul.

He got what he wanted, makbul, is the word. No more birthday today, but he got his transformer from Toy r us.

Thank you, a BIG thank you to the Chapmans

November 30, 2008

This is overdue. I want to thank the Chapmans for hosting and tolerating Aiman for three full weeks.

To   Darren, Sharon, James, Taylor and  Georgia, I must tell you all, how privileged it has been for  Aiman  to have you as her family. There were a few phone calls but generally it has been radio silence from both sides, which was what an ideal exchange program should be.

This morning as we were having breakfast and discussing about the tree house  that need repainting,  aiman told us about  Georgia’s cub house. As we, the Sunday mall rats, were driving back home, she talked fondly about Marli the pooch. As I have been away, the mummy has been telling me that, aiman has not stopped talking about  Australia. It must be the most special and most enriching three weeks of her life. Read her post in her blog, loving Australia

I heard there were glitches with one of the kids but let us not allow it to  spoil the spirit of ISSE. ISSE  is a special initiative, to promote international goodwill and understanding. It is an enriching program. We have achieved a lot of those. I would not like it to be diluted by any one individual.

As adults we have the benefit of saying ‘ kids will always be kids’, but we must also remember there is the kiddie stuff in many of us  adults too. Move on, take it in our stride, and continue enjoying the good vibes,

When Aiman gets married, we will invite you over. But that is too far away!!