HouseOfKendal 2

April 20, 2018

One princess became a gundik to the king of Majapahit. Puteri Champa. With the fall of Majapahit the son of king Majapahit and Puteri Champa became the first sultan of Islamic java. He was Sunan Patah of DEMAK

The migrants brought along their cuisines. One noticeable cuisine was AMOK or BoTOK which is found only in East Java Kendal Semarang and JoyoKorto.

BoTOK in Malaysia is found only in Johor BatuPahat where there is a sizeable Kendal community. It is also the most popular food in KENDAL Phnom Penh

The only one cuisine they did not bring was BUDU. budu is food for commoners. The Rakyat migrated to Kelantan and pattani with their budu. So that explains for the missing amok in Kelantan


The house of Kendal 1

April 20, 2018

When the kingdom of champa began to disintegrate the elites migrated. The destination of choice was java Majapahit. They set up a settlement and named it KENDAL near Semarang. They were the kerabats, the princes n princesses and the ulamas.

LoriKrasi or busoKrasi

April 19, 2018

The bus analogy is the same as the lorry analogy except THAT the bus is more comfortable. You are at the mercy of the bus driver. It is a subset of democracy, a better term for these subsets is BusoCracy or LoriCracy. You will be slightly better than the sheep 🐑 or the cattle 🐄 or chicken 🐓 they transport once you are onboard the bus or lorry.

Ideally democracy is like choosing to be a crew on a boat. On a ship or boat every one matters, everyone participates. You do not like the captain you throw him out. In the navy the first sign of discontent is when the Captain finds his cap thrown overboard.

There are many ships to choose from. Choose the right captain if you wish to enjoy your voyage or life will be miserable throughout the voyage. A collection of ships we get an armada – an old sailor talking

Using Umar Alkhatab’s yardstick on TDM

April 16, 2018

When the public question the idea of giving A SECOND Opportunity to TDM to redeem his past deeds his supporters and advocates use the STORY of Umar to justify it. Why are opponents not questioning Umar’s past deeds and yet keep on harping TDM’s.

What right have we got to question Omar’s faith or iman? No one can question that.

He was a non believer and presto became a believer.

Was Omar a Khalifah before he found iman ? No he was not.

Omar as a leader advocated accountability, a yardstick for s man what more as a khalifah. Why are advocates not using the same Omar’s yardstick against mahathir and those leaders LKS, AI?

Hoe could you elevate him to Umar? Umar was of the earliest companions and one great Khalifah. Umar has been named by some as the top 100 most influential men in history. To mankind and not to himself

The answer is Political expediency.

Umar’s actions speak louder about his character, yes we can use those actions of TDM to gauge his character.


April 14, 2018

Friendship is not about whom you know the longest.

It is about who came and never left

Adu domba

April 14, 2018

AduDomba ialah peribahasa yg bermaksud melaga-laga dengan katenPes atau menyebar berita palsu atau separa benar dgn tujuan menghasut. DOMBA ialah sejenis kambing. Tolong Lah jangan kambingkan kami tambah pula setelah dikambingkan disuruh berAdu atau berlaga atau bergaduh. Itu dia ADU DOMBA.

Penghasut Full time

April 14, 2018

Semua salah, se hingga yg Waras terfikir, betul ke dia ni? atau sahaja adu domba. Siapa yg kau Mau jadikan domba?

Domba tu kambing, who are you trying to kid ?

Dari kecil budaya dan sunnah yg kita dididik makBapak jangan jadi kaki hasut. Sekarang ni dah ada full time penghasut.

Satu kejutan budaya pada budiman seperti saya, cewah !