The Way to Skim The Tabung

October 18, 2022

THHE is one classic example where TABUNG HAJI funds were used to salvage an ailing oil and gas outfit RAMUNIA FABRICATORS. I’m using a very diplomatic word SALVAGE while the real game plan was an exit route for some and the skimming of institutions and the public through listing using the oil and gas business as a bait.

The failure of theBOARD OF TABUNG HAji to sniff the rotten deal is one of the many examples where the boards of public institutions are in cahoots or just not savvy enough to act as directors to protect the interests of contributors to the fund. They should be sued by TH contributors.

THHE was made worse by the corrupt practices of its management. Remember the MACC case?

The MMHE shipbuilding contract in 2017 given to THHE by MOF was intended to be a means to help an ailing company.

THHE technically sold the contract to Destini. Amek untung Atas angin saja.

Destini in return gave so much power to DAMEN.