Celebrating Malayness – Budiman nusantara

June 6, 2018

It is pissed me off to see the increasing condescending remarks, statements, tweets in socmed about anything Malays, starting of with rempits, hijabis, uitm, religionists, celebrities, kampongites by addressing them as meleis. These are supposedly done by urban Malays, half past six twits who think they are so urbane and world.

Yet these idiots hv really not achieved anything except to be tweet femes among liberals.

I’m determined to celebrate my Malayness and my malaysianess rempits, warts and all. What more to celebrate achievements and classiness of being a nusantaraman, a budiman nusantara.


Caring For Aged Parent(s)

June 1, 2018

Dear Gen 5, Gen 6 and the rest,

My siblings and I are gen 4. So I’m addressing everyone of you in the latter generations.

All my sisters have devoted and sacrificed a good part of their life to care for Arwah. To my BILs, you too had sacrificed by allowing your spouses to spend time and devotions away from you. That alone will make you special as I personally would not be able to do what you have done.

My siblings and spouses have demonstrated in the finest way possible to care for parents. Those demonsrations are for you to emulate. There is no better education and demonstration of Allah’s demand than what they have done.

My siblings deserve your love, your tender loving care. When they are in the big house they feel they are children again and they missed their mother but they are no longer the carefree kids. They are in their golden years. Let us all make the rest of their life the best of their life. I know you know what to do.

I love them all and everyone of you. I’m deeply moved when writing this.

The state of Industry in the most industrialised state

May 27, 2018

A friend posted this 👇👇

The minister of economy e has a huge task again to rebuild a sustainable economy. I was listening to a talk given by Prof Jomo last night (Tun Mahathir was in attendance). Jomo lamented the state of the declining industrial sector! I think Tun wants to revisit his old (proven) policy of spurning industrial growth (good news for engineers!!). Let’s hope it materialises as I do agree it is a more meaningful, more sustainable and robust for the country’s economy in the longer term… apart from creating more job opportunities for our grandchildren!!!.

Here is my response

And the biggest culprit is Selangor. It started when a developer was appointed MB. The policy of zoning land for commercial instead of industrial or housing has since been further accelerated by the poster boy MB who is currently holding the Economic Ministry. Quick money selling commercial land instead of developing industry. Even in housing industry, Selangor has not done well. All around you see malls and commercial service apartments and brand them as affordable homes.

3 weeks into the new Malaysia they are Already talking about priming up greater kl/klAng Valley to be a megacity. I can only think of one reason, that these reps of ours are actually representing the big time developers.

Be very scared people or at least be very concerned peeps.im sharing this observation as a pj activist.

TNB insane Rates for electricity for heavy domestic consumers

May 23, 2018

I posted this in our alma mater WA group;

Yb @⁨Manaf Hashim⁩, are you ending your directorship of TNB? Before you go, please propose the rates for the heavy domestic consumers to be revised downwards. At 55 sen or is it 57sen it is grossly expensive and taxing.

I hv raised this matter with you many moons ago

I got a reply from a cynic

I thought you didn’t mind paying for it. You didn’t mind paying GST. Now GST is 0% so you should be able to afford your TNB bills. 😜

And this is my response

Off course. How could I forget the substantial monthly excess money that I would have from the zeroing. My bad!

That is the trouble with nonPartisan social activism, you forget about self, issues above self, non populist.

YB, The request I asked still stands, on behalf of heavy consumers and those who do not benefit much from the GST zeroing. There are many, esp those who shouted the most against the non populist tax structure, the GST. It will come back to haunt them I’m sure.

Principally we know the excesses and inefficiency within TNB, so please address those first for TNB to maintain THE SAME level of profit if not better. The rates structure is insanely taxing.

The Machiavelli’s at work post GE14

May 13, 2018

The 11 days in the ring is finally over. But the post election fever has never been as heated as this. Everyone is a pundit. The WA group becomes overheated too frequently.

While many of us novices are drowned in this euphoria, the real pro and the Machiavellians are busy trying to outfox one another. The game of throne has started. This is certainly not the end of the game.

In the heated post election debates, it is important that everyone exercises decorum and shows magnanimity to fellow MALAYSIAN neighbors and colleagues in the other camp. This is just s democracy no different from electing the class monitor or the rep to the Victualling Committee. All of us need to Get back to work together, to live as neighbors, to continue being fellow congregants, and to start engaging our ADUN and MP.

Your day in the ring came to an end after that dip in that bottle of indigo ink.

The best thing one can do now for Malaysia 🇲🇾 is to be active in your community, in Civil societies or in any social enterprise. Otherwise you are just a spectator and a keyboard wa**er.

I will continue my work with myPj. With this in mind mypj will start cracking next week to prepare our reengagement with our elected rep who has promised us to re/engage 2 weeks after GE14.

When My panditha speaks

May 11, 2018

My dear brother

True democracy 3

May 8, 2018

If we are seriously pursuing true democracy we have to learn to respect differing opinions and different political stands. As much as you are entitled to express your political preference as learned professors trying to influence others, so is Tony.

So this idea of boycott is in my opinion is taking us backward, to the days when ppl were asked to boycott the LOAF becos of mahathir.