Holland where water flows underneath

April 13, 2018

If their excellent human resource is given, The precious resource they manage superbly and second to none, is water. I always consider Holland, my favourite European country, as the place where water flows underneath. They are the no 1 food producer in Europe at least.

In our misfortune, we had one PM who de-emphasised agriculture in favour of steel and toys. We even gave up our leading position in agro research to Thailand Vietnam n Indonesia. Now when we have to pay high prices for food, we have to ask what the root cause is.


March 15, 2018

The PH sec gen was giving his thoughts on the nation post GE 2014.

He talked about structural and institutional reforms.

Hoe is their records with respect structural reform?

One structural reform civil societies have been demanding is the reinstatement of local govt election. The democratic principle to uphold behind this demand and promise is no taxation without representation. We are taxed at local govt yet our third votes are taken away.

As feared by civil societies pakatan renegaded on the basic promise that brought civil societies to support them in 2008 and 2013.

Watch out for backlash in PJ, the hot bed of civil societies activism.

Note to a friend whose land is poorly tended

March 12, 2018

Next son in law, look for a Javanese, not a Batavian but more to the centre or the east. The nearer to terowulan the seat of the Majapahit empire the better. The Javanese DNA is the most imperium amongst us nusantaran. While he is very much a seafarer he is also a buffalo soldier, he knows how to put a stake on the land, and knows how to till and defend it.

Banks – the broker cnp

March 3, 2018

A bank is a broker between the poor and the rich. The only place where the two meet is in a bank. The poor brings the money, through saving, and the rich takes it, through borrowing. A poor person saves the money because they have more money than their thinking capacity. So they keep the money in the bank so they can go and think what to do with the money they saved.

On the other side, the rich people come to pick that money, through borrowing, because they have more ideas than the money they have. On a practical side, please show me one billionaire who got rich through saving and I will show you a million people who have money saved in the banks and are still renting the houses that the Millionaires and billionaires build through the poor people savings which the rich borrowed from a bank

This one got me thinking…

Kopi E bay

February 27, 2018



C&P RICE in Javanese

February 24, 2018



Ada orang bule Australia datang ke pondok pesantren, dan bertanya kepada kyai…

Bule : “Kenapa kyai kalau mengajar, kitabnya masih menggunakan bahasa jawa? Di zaman globalisasi ini kenapa tidak ditingkatkan dengan menggunakan bahasa inggris?”

Kyai : “Karena kalau diajarkan dalam bahasa inggris, tidak akan mampu menafsirkan semua kosakata dalam AlQur’an maupun hadits, lha bahasa inggris itu sangat sederhana. Bahasa jawa itu bahasa yang sangat kaya dan sangat kompleks.”

Rupanya si bule tadi merasa tersinggung mendengar penjelasan sang kyai yang mengatakan bahasa Inggris tidak mampu menafsirkan, dan kalah dengan bahasa jawa.

Bule : “Bagaimana anda bisa mengatakan bahasa jawa itu bahasa yang sangat kaya dan sangat kompleks, serta bisa menjadi bahasa pengetahuan? Padahal faktanya selama ini, bahasa Inggris lah yang paling kompleks!”

Kyai : “Tidak! Bahasa inggris itu memang sangat sangat sederhana. Saya kasih contoh, coba anda lihat! itu yang berwarna kuning keemasan yang ada di sawah. Orang inggris menyebutnya apa?”

Bule : “Rice!”

Kyai : “Orang disini. menyebutnya PARI atau PANTUN ( padi ). Padi itu kalau dipanen namanya GABAH, sedangkan inggris menyebutnya RICE. GABAH itu kalau diambil satu biji, namanya LAS, tapi orang inggris tetap menyebutnya RICE. GABAH kalau sudah terkelupas kulitnya, dinamakan WOS / BERAS, orang inggris tetap menyebut RICE. BERAS Padi kalau patah 2 atau 3, namanya MENIR, orang inggris tetap menyebutnya RICE. BERAS kalau sudah dimasak namanya SEGO atau SEKUL ( NASI ), orang inggris masih saja menyebutnya RICE. NASI kalau cuma 1 butir, namaya UPO, lagi-lagi orang inggris. menyebutnya RICE. NASI yang dimasak sedikit lebih lama, bagian bawahnya dinamakan INTIP atau KERAK, inggris masih menyebut RICE. NASI yang sudah kering namanya KARAK, inggris tetap menyebutnya RICE. Dari 1 kosakata saja, penafsiran namanya bisa bermacam-macam, sedangkan bahasa inggris tidak bisa menafsirkan tersebut. Apa bahasa jawa ini tidak lebih tinggi dan sangat sangat kompleks dibandingkan bahasa inggris yang sederhana tersebut?…

Si Bule : yes yes yes ….

Itulah kehebatan bahasa jawa…


Islam Nusantara?

February 18, 2018