Faith in the Rabb 

June 28, 2017

The dissecting of tauhid to 2 or 3 is/was an attempt to segregate the different believers. First between Muslims n non Muslims but the real target was among the Muslims. I guess it was the first time for Kafir Mengkafir and the beginning of the breaking into sects in Islam. 
Allah’s command is simple! Do you believe in me? The Rabb, the Ultimate, the infinite? So don’t you dare shirik on me!! don’t you create son of Me, other dieties, intermediaries, shirik on money, wealth, rulers etc. If you shirik Allah you fail 
Your next task is to doing the right things, by bring RIGHTEOUS, TAQWA! then you will be rewarded. 
This classification to 2 or 3 challenged the above order of IMAN n TAQWA. It elevated rituals to a higher position than TAQWA. The Muslims never recovered from this 3rd or second Hijra century dissection. 
– my pondering after the subuh contact

Learning the Quran is always WIP

June 22, 2017

The makkan period before Hijra lasted 13 years. After Hijra till the prophets death was 10 years. The focus of the revelation during the first 13 years were on Unity of God (no shirik), righteousness (Taqwa) and fending off oppositions from the oppressors. 
There are equivalent of 11 juzu of Meccan to 19 madinian Surah. 
The madinian Surah was more about building ummah, Muslim inns majority state while still maintaining the iman n Taqwa theme. 
Learning to live the Quran is always WORK IN PROGRESS, there is no such thing as certified completion, quite similar to the 23 years of improvement or soleh in the awalun Muslims. Disregarding the prophet never arise at all. Don’t see the point here.
Try reading the Quran following sequence of revelation. It gives you a different perspective.

My Lailatul QADR 

June 18, 2017

Power, decree, limits, barokah, value, Proportion; are some of the meanings OR all together, the meanings of QADR. ThOSE words very much describe the QURAN. Is it the night that you reflect and reaffirm that your lifetime (1000months) QADR is contained in that MOTHER OF ALL BOOKS?  
I do reaffirm that the QURAN is my QADR, so does that mean I found my laylatul Qadr? I must confess I do find find peace and solace with that reaffirmation that the Quran is my QADR #myLailatulQadr #noteToSelf #inspigoblog

Handling Conflicts between Men and between Muslims, etiquettes and Rules

June 7, 2017

I’m drawn to Surah AlHujurat 49:1 to 49:10. 

49.1  reads “O you who believe, do not put yourselves ahead of God and His messenger, but be TAQWA , for God is He Who hears and knows all things.”

This verse has to be read in the context of 49:1 to 49:10. 

It is about etiquette when addressing authorities and ways of handling differences/conflicts and dispensing justice involving conflicts amongst men and among Muslims. My favourite is actually the ayat 49:9 on handling conflicts between 2 Muslims, relevant in the present Saudi Qatar Mid East conflicts as much as to anwar Mahathir in 1997. 
All Muslims are brothers is in 49:10. 
Do not precede means do not be hasty I.e without a thorough investigation and finally without referring to the CRITERION, the Quran. 

Dispensing Justice and giving due process to take its course are acts of righteousness/Taqwa. 

O Muslims, what have you done to the Quran 

June 7, 2017

O’ Muslims! What have you done?It takes an Indian statesman, a Hindu at that, to tell us our iconoclastic predicament. Courtesy : Tyra Nasrin 

This poem on the Holy Quran written some 35 years ago by the ninth President of India, Dr Pandit Shanker Dayal Sharma, says it beautifully. Please reflect on it and decide how TRUE it is today.
Amal ki kitab thi. (It was a command for action.)

Dua ki kitab bana dia. (You turned it into a book of prayer.)

Samajhne ki kitab thi. (It was a Book to understand.)
Parhne ki kitab bana dia. (You read it without understanding.)

Zindaon ka dastoor tha. (It was a code for the living.)
Murdon ka manshoor bana dia. (You turned it into a manifesto of the dead.)

Jo ilm ki kitab thi. (That which was a book of knowledge;)
Usay la ilmon ke hath thama dia. (You abdicated to the ignoramus)

Taskheer-e-kayenaat ka dars denay aayi thi. (It came to give knowledge of Creation.)
Sirf madrason ka nisaab bana dia. (You abandoned it to the madrassah.)

Murda qaumon ko zinda karne aayi thi. (It came to give life to dead nations.)
Murdon ko bakhshwane per laga dia. (You used it for seeking mercy for the dead.)

Aye Musalmano ye tum nay kia kiya? (O’ Muslims! What have you done?)

The reality of change 

May 6, 2017

The instant Panadol and maggi mee culture is very much alive and dangerous. We pop it in n instantly our pain and hunger disappear. We thought we can do the same with governance or our well being or state of the nation. Change Our leaders or change the political landscape n our problems will disappear. 

In reality it has to be work in progress, it is about us in the little communities that we serve that will make the lasting change for better or for worse.

My Neighbor is a Cham 

May 4, 2017

I had an interesting conversation with a neighbor yesterday. We had been acquainted for years but yesterday he intimated to me his family history. 
I thot he was another Malay neighbor. No he is not. He is a Cham. His father was the last mufti of Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge. He escaped the KR sweep of anyone who could read or write. 
He remembered his big family house in between the Mekong and the Tonle Sap. The family owned properties in Phnom Penh but now every single one has been taken over by others. Now worth millions of USD as it is in the CBD. 
The majority of his family escaped. Thankful he was, that their life has been spared and Malaysia their new country has been kind to them.