Learning From Disasters – parits in Johor

January 5, 2018

In 2006 johor was inundated with banjir besar. In 2007 there was a massive cleanup and deepening of rivers and parits.

The Javanese of johor realised and repented. They realised the new generation Hv lost the ways of their forefathers the soldiers who menially dug all the thousand of parits to develop the lowlands of johor. They forgot the gotong royongs to SIANG PARIT or gutting the waterways. Disaster befell upon them.

Now, rivers n waterways in johor are cleaner n well maintained

Credits must be given to the MB ghani and his government for the post flooding initiatives. But Malaysians gave him the exit in the election just like rostam. Now they complained about Umno going ultra right, when they were the ones who got rid of the good executives the moderates the voice of reasons. They don’t realise how the war is being fought


Beggars of Allah Instead of being Khalifah of Allah

January 5, 2018

Posted last year Jan

The flooding in kelantan has not been able to be mitigated nor prevented. Alas, it has been accepted as a natural annual recurrence, with suggestions for the season to be grandly celebrated. That is the unfortunate state of mind of the administration and citizens of a proclaimed Islamic state. Such is the incompetence. Forests continued to be destroyed, rivers continued to be silted up, trees continue to grow in the middle of the rivers and waterways, the canals and Parits are not maintained, the longkang in urban areas are filthy, that is the truth we see in kelantan. Nothing much has been achieved since the last big flood. Same old same old

Posting from the past – 2014

January 2, 2018

Today, many citizens of Petaling Jaya wake up to a a day without realising that they have been deprived of a basic right: the right to REPRESENTATION in their local government. Yesterday I received a message from my local councillor bidding good bye and I replied with words of thanks for tolerating “this vocal constituent”.

We have been deprived the RIGHT to elect our councillor and now this. That does not augur well to REFORM or TRANSFORM or whatever. We need structural change but if if you cannot even get a basic right fulfilled with CHANGE of GOVERNMENT then people will start believing that your shouts will just be another sloganeering, I am afraid. What say you Jeffrey FK Phang and fellow citizens?

The armchair Pundit

January 2, 2018

Unfortunately the same albeit on a smaller scale can be said about the other side. We just need to carry on putting the pressure. My little struggle to save the Padang has taught me that it is left to the non-politicians amongst us to provide the third force, the force with the conscience to put pressure on both sides. Instead of just becoming armchair political pundits, and complain and complaiin more people should lift their butts and serve the community in what ever capacities. The community has been devoid of leaderships mainly due to the failures of the middle classes thinking that they were the upper crust who hav been so comfortable with life. They franchise their rights to many bird brains. It is the fault of MY generation.

Challenge and Engage your Local Councillors- ppl you never elect

January 1, 2018

Flood, said to be as bad as 1970.

Have you ever thought how the local government your local councillors and your state authority is connected to this yearly event? I have always believe that flooding is caused by unsustainable development, the thing I’m very much against, the authority of which are in the handS of local and state governments.

This battle against rampant and unsustainable development is an ongoing battle. In my Ss7 it has started to flood after the retention lakes are filled up n development approved insanely. The greed and the blame game. I dread to think the consequence of another retention lake being walloped.

Not only that they forget the sewage, they forget the need for BOMBA, the need for police stations.

They build hiways across my city hoping to pack more ppl n build more malls n pack us like sardines.

To all my friends affected by the flood be steadfast, fight for your environmental rights. You will be surprised how local govts affect your life more then state or federal govts (in that order)

Failed dah

December 28, 2017

How could a known economic and accounting failure at state level be allowed to manage an organisation much bigger than the state? I’m referring to the management of negeri 9 and FELDA.

At one glance I was reading negeri as NEGERIa. He could be the one in history that contribute to destruction of UMNO.

At political level he was buying votes through his acts of “giving” and BUDI.

Someone shared this “Angel he was not. Tapi dia cepat hulorg. Kawan tak jumpa 20 tahun, dia dengar dlm kesempitan, diam2 dia hulorg. Thats typical of grassroots UMNO”.

“Hanyut sense of right or wrong just because of that? Adus malap nya masa depan Bangsa kita” was my response

Umno has serious soul searching, as it is clear that the problems are not about one individual but cultural and systematic. I expect Umno men of Conscience to be more vocal but not be too sensitive, so shamelessly defensive and some even switch on their counter attack modes when friends of Umno criticise.

Instead tell us you have problems, tell us what you are going to do to rectify, a majority of sensible Malays of Conscience will support Umno if we see intent for structural and systems changes.

Islam is not just submission

December 2, 2017