Two Fingers to Ayatollah – Tony Blair doing a Sir Salman Rushdie

Churchill is famous for his Victory sign, that is a V using your forefinger and middle finger, with the palm outward, like the cubs salute. You invert  the V with the palm facing yourself and combine that with an upward swing gesture, it  becomes Up-yours, screw you or a plain 2 fingers up your backside, the worst and humiliating gesture you can give to an Englishman.

Salman Rushdie has been made Sir Salman.

By doing that, Tony Blair just did the two fingers to  Ayatollah Khomeini  and the many ayatollahs all over the world. For those not in the know, Ayatollah Khomeini  issued an edict that the blood of Salman Rushdie is  halal  or kosher because of the Satanic Verses’s blasphemy to Islam., so they claimed

You can do many wonderful things, if you think you are a superpower, or if your enemy is just too damn weak.If you can  send soldiers to ransack the palace of the President, so to speak, what is showing two fingers to the ayatollah. You can even run down  Mecca. And that religious minister of Pakistan overreacted. He was reported to have said  that suicide bombers can be sanctoned. A few peripheral ayatollahs also proclaimed that Osama bin Ladin is now Sir Osama, saif al islam, the sword of Islam.

Tit for tat.  You may think that these are stupid things. No they are not.  These are calculated provocations,  with possible bounties and opportunities that may present itself from the many reactions.

The Blair government in his last few days of office, clarified that  it is just a recognition for a  courageous literary figure. An apology was issued by the foreign office for the unexpected reactions. Were they not briefed of the consequence? Impossible. It was just  a calculated provocations from Blair, who after leaving office is converting to catholicism. Let Brown claims innocence.

Go on, give that two fingers !!!

How does moderate islam react to this? the same manner you rect when a drunk or a road bully does an”up-yours” to you. Drive on… The Ayatollah should also take notice, that political Islam without content and true understanding of the religion is just  a mockery, and will lead the flock to doom.

What it tells you is that in Westminister  there are  still many right wing, imperialist, descendents of the crusaders, who are still influential . There are also many level minded, centrists who believe in fair play,  coexistence, the great human civilisations and righteousness.


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